Bomb plotter loses bid for parole

BOMB plotter Nezar Hindawi, who was jailed for 45 years for his attempt to blow up an Israeli airliner, has lost his bid to be released on parole, sources have said.

Hindawi was jailed in 1986 after planting a bomb in his pregnant fiancee’s hand luggage for a flight from London to Tel Aviv. He has lost his application for early release, which was referred back to the parole board in April last year, sources said.

The 57-year-old Jordanian’s release date, without parole, falls in May 2016.

The High Court in London has previously declared the parole decision-making process in his case “unfair and legally flawed”.

Hindawi was jailed after hiding Semtex explosive in the luggage of his pregnant fiancee, Irish woman Anne-Marie Murphy, then 32, without her knowledge.

The explosives were detected and the plot was foiled – avoiding a potential loss of 375 lives.

He became eligible to be considered for parole in 2001.

Successive government ministers rejected his applications for early release, leading to a series of legal battles.