Bomb expert killed on last day of tour

A SENIOR British explosives expert was killed while trying to defuse a bomb on the last day of his tour in Afghanistan.

Staff Sergeant Olaf Schmid, 30, of the Royal Logistic Corps, died near Sangin in central Helmand Province on Saturday.

His wife, Christina Schmid, described him as her "best friend and soulmate" and said she took comfort knowing he had saved "countless lives".

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Sgt Schmid, who was born in Truro, Cornwall, and lived with his wife and five-year-old stepson Laird in Winchester, Hampshire, made 64 improvised explosive devices (IEDs) safe during his five months in Afghanistan.

As well as taking part in Operation Panther's Claw, a major assault on a Taleban stronghold, he found 31 IEDs during a single operation to clear a road near Sangin in August.

One of his senior officers described him as a "legendary figure" while another said he was "better than the best of the best".

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