Army ‘how to wear a kilt’ video leaves viewers in stitches

A hilarious video by the British Army teaching people how to properly wear a kilt has been widely praised thanks to the performance of the Scottish soldier who presents it.

Colour Sergeant Andrew Benson presents the video. Photo: British Army Youtube.

Colour Sergeant Andrew Benson’s witty narration of the history of the famous garment and how it should be worn has made the video into an instant hit.

Fans on Twitter and Youtube have said that the soldier’s patter is “amazing” as he guides viewers on where the kilt should sit on the knee, how high a sporran is worn and where the flashes must go on Highland socks.

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Scots soldier’s witty presentation is a highlight

The typical question of what is worn underneath the kilt is almost answered too, however the camera battery ‘runs out’ before the reveal.

The Army captioned the Twitter post: "Ever wondered what a Scots soldier wears under his kilt...? We've got a new video all about kilts."

One commenter on Youtube called for the army to make use of Colour Sergeant Benson’s talents more often.

“He should be in charge of the British Army adverts,” Kerr Hamilton wrote.

Others praised the accurate detail in the video which contrasted with the ways kilts have appeared on screen in the past.

Calls for Colour Sergeant to present army adverts

Blacksmith67 posted: “As a former highlander (Canadian Forces, Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa) I am delighted to see the proper way to wear a kilt demonstrated.

“It seems that ever since Mel Gibson wore a travesty of a belted plaid in Braveheart (depicting a time centuries before they existed) it has been popular for youngsters to wear kilts and kilt like things in every manner possible. No soldier or man cuts a finer figure than when he's properly kitted out in a kilt!”