Animal magic in Mammal Society Photographer prize

A TINY leaping rodent and an urban fox licking a window were among the winning ­images at the Mammal Society Photographer of the Year ­Competition.

Roy Rimmer took the top spot for his picture of a brown rat jumping from a paint can directly towards the camera he set up in his shed.

Rimmer said: “I caught this rat in a live trap and kept it in a outdoor set I made. The set up is two meters long and a meter wide made of Perspex, it has a plywood front with holes cut in for my camera and flash guns, I and placed two rusty paint cans in the set up and the rat would leap from one can to the other. I had to use a flash to freeze the action.”

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Second place went to Julie Milne, who captured a fox cub at her rain-soaked window. 
“From day one when the cubs first emerge I observe and photograph their antics”, said Mrs Milne, from Hextable, Kent, who has a fox den in her garden.

“They are not tame but I have a strong bond of trust with two females that are particularly ­inquisitive.”

Judges said the photographs elevated the ordinary to the extraordinary, and challenge public perceptions of maligned animals like foxes and rats.

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