Accused’s lyrics told of ‘chopping him all over’

PC KEITH BLAKELOCK TRIAL: A man accused of stabbing Pc Keith Blakelock during the 1985 Tottenham riots wrote a rap, saying “we chop him all over”, his murder trial heard yesterday.
PC Keith Blakelock. Picture: PAPC Keith Blakelock. Picture: PA
PC Keith Blakelock. Picture: PA

A prison officer found the poem while searching Nicky Jacobs’ cell at a youth custody centre in 1988.

Jacobs, who was 16 at the time of the attack, had been serving a sentence for affray following the riots on October 6, 1985.

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The handwritten poem was read out on the second day of the trial by prosecutor Richard Whittam.

It stated: “As long as I live I remember it was 1985 the 6th October…

“Me have de chopper we have intention to kill an police officer Pc Blakelock de unlucky f***er him dis an help de fireman… de fireman see we av come and decide to scatter but Pc Blakelock him never smell the danger but when we fly down upon him he start scream and holla everybody gather round and av pure laughter he try to head out but we trip him over he start beg for mercy but it didn’t matter him try to play super man…

“We chopper, we start chop him on his hand we chop him on him finger we chop him on him leg we chop him on his shoulder him head him chest him neck we chop him all over when we done kill him off lord er feel much better…”

Pc Blakelock’s widow, Elizabeth, was in the courtroom to hear harrowing evidence about the wounds he suffered during the attack.

The jury was shown police photographs taken during the riots, some featuring Jacobs, who is now 45, on the Broadwater Farm estate.

The jury was also shown pictures of Pc Blakelock’s injuries, and the knife which lodged in the officer’s neck. Mr Whittam said a number of different weapons were used, including single and double-bladed knives.

The most devastating wound was to the side of his face, caused by a machete or an axe, the court was told.

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Jacobs was first arrested by officers investigating the riots five days after the disturbances took place, the court heard.

He claimed that he had been at home when Pc Blakelock was attacked and had only watched the rioting, but was convicted of affray in November 1986.

One witness at that trial, who was himself convicted for his part in the riots and admitted kicking Pc Blakelock, told police that he had seen Jacobs there and talked to him days later.

Mr Whittam said the witness told police: “I can’t remember exactly what he said but it was obvious from what he was saying that he was involved in the murder of the policeman.”

Speaking to a renewed investigation into the killing in 1993, the witness went further and described the defendant as a “nutter” who was “out to get blood”.

The witness, a former member of the Park Lane Boys gang, said he had seen Jacobs carrying a “curved machete or scythe”. The defendant had plunged the weapon “crazily” into Pc Blakelock’s shoulders as the mob shouted “Kill the beasty” and “Get his f****** head on a pole”, the witness told officers. Describing the murder he said: “They all had weapons and were involved in killing him.

“I know because I saw it with my own eyes. I have had to live with this for the past eight years, it’s always on my mind.”

The witness also claimed that the riots had been “pre-planned” and that the Park Lane Boys had stockpiled “weapons and petrol bombs”.

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He told police that he had “nearly got killed last time for helping you lot” during the original investigation.

A second witness, known in the trial as Rhodes Levin, told the renewed investigation in the early 1990s that he had seen Jacobs stabbing Pc Blakelock twice in the top half of his body with a “fairly small knife”.

After having been promised immunity Levin admitted having kicked Pc Blakelock.

Jacobs denies murder and the trial continues.

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