A year on, the pain fails to ease for Amy Winehouse’s family

The mother of the late singer Amy Winehouse says that almost a year after her death the grief “doesn’t get any easier”.

Janis Winehouse, who admits she occasionally wakes up in tears even now, said she wears items of Amy’s jewellery to stay close to her and described how simply hearing her daughter’s music has her brimming with emotion.

Retired pharmacist Janis said: “We went to New York in April to launch the Amy Winehouse Foundation over there.

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“We got on the plane at Heathrow and one of Amy’s songs was playing, and I was inconsolable. Then, we bowled into a restaurant in New York and Back to Black was being played, and the emotions came again.”

Chart star Winehouse died on 23 July last year from alcohol poisoning, but her mother is still coming to terms with the loss.

“There’s a huge hole in my life – I used to speak to Amy every day. Sometimes I wake up sobbing,” she said.

Janis wears one of the Rehab singer’s rings as well as a Star of David necklace she wore as a child.

“She nibbled on it all the time, so it’s got lots of marks on it,” she added.

“I’m pretty sure she has come back as a butterfly, because she would love the freedom of flying.”

Janis who lives in north London with husband Richard, said the family will mark the anniversary of her death in the Jewish tradition, with prayers and the lighting of a candle.

She added: “I want people to learn about the loving Amy, the lovely child, the daughter, the friend. She was just a regular kid who had a special talent.”

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