10 Boris Johnson observations on Scotland

Boris Johnson is the man most likely to become the next prime minister of the United Kingdom.

Boris Johnson is favourite to replace Theresa May as Tory leader

A well-known journalist and editor, the Tory MP has a history of making colourful and sometimes controversial comments on all number of issues. But what does he think about Scotland? Here are 10 insights penned by Mr Johnson over the years.

"I mean that we will be zombies, walking dead, because a fundamental part of our identity will have been killed. We will all have lost a way of thinking about ourselves, a way of explaining ourselves to the world." (2014)

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"Government by a Scot is just not conceivable in the current constitutional context" (2005)
"I'm very keen on a Barnett formula which does justice to Barnet with one T (Barnet in north London). "We can't just go on with a system that even Joel Barnett himself thinks is outdated." (2014)
"What would Maggie do about the rest of the country? I think she would now be fighting like a lioness for the Union, and that she would comfortably see off Salmond, as she saw off so many smart alecs" (2013)
"A pound spent in Croydon is of far more value to the country than a pound spent in Strathclyde. You will generate jobs in Strathclyde far more effectively if you invest in parts of London" (2012)
"It makes English audiences roar with anger, and it explains why Gordon Brown makes so many speeches about Britishness. Hes worried about his personal political disability as a Scottish MP" (2005)
"I welcome the clear referendum result, but the chaotic manner in which the no vote was won has undermined the strong and resilient United Kingdom on which we all depend" (2014)
"Since Scotland is higher up than England, it is surely time to do the obvious - use the principle of gravity to bring surplus rain from the mountains to irrigate and refresh the breadbasket of the country in the south" (2011)
"As I write these words the rain is drifting past my window in sheets. Yes, a gloomy Scotch mist has descended on Westminster, and who knows when it will lift" (2007)
"What will they think if the union flag is red, white and green and they no longer have an entity called Britain, but something called the Rest of the UKm or the former UK, or F UK? (2013)