UK News: Hatton settles £1.4m trainer wages fight

Ex-boxer Ricky Hatton has settled a £1.4 million claim for unpaid wages from his former trainer. Hatton reached an undisclosed but "mutually acceptable" deal with Billy Graham on the third day of a hearing at Manchester's Civil Justice Centre. Graham said after the hearing that he was happy with the outcome.

Accused 'killed before'

Shriven Dewani, the British businessman accused of hiring hit men to murder his wife in South Africa, told her killers he had organised a similar killing before, a court has heard. Lawyers also said Mr Dewani, 30, from Bristol, withdrew around 1000 in cash before the murder, including 800 on the eve.

Ex-PM Brown warns of 'major crisis' for euro

Gordon Brown has warned that the euro is facing a "major crisis" early in the New Year.

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The former Prime Minister said that leaders of eurozone countries needed to get together in a "High Noon" moment to seize the initiative from the markets and prevent them picking off troubled economies one by one. Failure to solve the euro's problems in "one fell swoop" would condemn the continent to "a decade of high unemployment and low growth", he warned.

OAP cleared of murder

A MAN who suffocated his 75-year-old wife when he feared her suicide attempt would fail has been found guilty of killing her. George Webb was cleared of murder but found guilty of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility after a trial at Sheffield Crown Court. The 73-year-old, of Sheffield, mouthed "thank you" to jury members as they delivered their verdict.

Blair faces new Iraq probe

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair is to be recalled to give evidence a second time to the Iraq Inquiry.

Mr Blair previously defended his decision to take the country to war, saying he had no regrets about it. The inquiry said it wanted "more detail" in some key areas.

London: A millionaire property developer branded a "neighbour from hell" has lost an appeal against an Asbo for her abusive behaviour. Patricia Bailey, 60, said allegations that she taunted neighbours with racist and homophobic remarks were false. But Jeremy Donne QC described her as "a witness who lacked credibility".

Wales: One in ten adults in Wales has no natural teeth, a survey has shown. Wales fares worse than England and Northern Ireland for decay and only 80 per cent of the population has the acceptable number of teeth required to eat comfortably.