UK News: Ex-navy chiefs warn against military cuts

A GROUP of former Royal Navy chiefs urged the Government today to reverse its decision to scrap the aircraft carrier Ark Royal and the fleet of Harrier jets.

The commanders said the recently-announced defence cuts would leave the oil-rich Falkland Islands open to a fresh Argentinian attack.

Jobs market gets tougher

THE number of unemployed people chasing every job vacancy has risen to 18, according to a report today.

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Two-thirds of jobseekers have applied for more than 11 posts, while a quarter have not been invited to a single interview, said the recruitment website study.

Cervical cancer jab 'will reduce need for checks'

GIRLS who have the cervical cancer jab may only need screening twice in their lifetime, an expert said today.

Cervical cancer should become a "rare disease" thanks to the vaccine, said Professor Peter Sasieni, from Queen Mary University of London.

Girls who have the jab when they are 12 or 13 would only need testing for the disease when they are 30 and 45, he said.

The vaccine protects against key strains of human papillomavirus, which causes most cases of cervical cancer.

Underlining road danger

THE UK's most dangerous roads are even more hazardous due to a lack of white lines, a leading road safety group warned today.

Eight in ten of the deadliest highways have badly-worn centre line markings, according to a report from the Road Safety Markings Association.

Half the lines on these most-dangerous roads fall below the minimum standards.

West goes behind the scenes

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Actor Dominic West is to star in a new drama which could be the BBC's equivalent to the TV hit Mad Men.

New six-part BBC2 series The Hour will bring to life 1950s London and take viewers behind the scenes of a topical news show as TV was finding its feet.

Derby: It may only be half the size of a human finger, but the Tuberous Bushcricket is the species with the largest testicles in relation to its body weight, new research revealed today. Researchers from the universities of Derby and Cambridge found the species, Platycleis affinis, produces testes which are 14 per cent of its whole male body mass.

London: Department store Harrods has unveiled an advent calendar billed as the most exclusive in the world and featuring a kitchen and a speedboat. The 618,000 calendar was created by Porsche Design and is one of five available worldwide.