Twitter delights Scottish users with Saltire emoji

Good news for patriotic tweeters.
The moment we've all been waiting for. Picture: EmojipediaThe moment we've all been waiting for. Picture: Emojipedia
The moment we've all been waiting for. Picture: Emojipedia

Scottish Twitter has been beloved of patter enthusiasts and journalists for years, the Scots’ unique way of phrasing their 140 character messages making them ideal for comedy listicles.

But previously Scottish Twitter users were denied one marker that would set them apart from tweeters from other countries – an emoji denoting our national flag.

That’s all about to change.

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Twitter has joined its great social media rivals in Facebook and WhatsApp in including a Saltire emoji as part of its recent updates.

Emoji can’t be created by just anyone, but the latest emoji update did include a number of new flags, including the English and Welsh flags.

239 new emojis were added to the ‘Emoji 5.0’ update which was quickly adopted by Facebook and Whatsapp.

Twitter tends to add emojis slower, and with fewer variations, but has finally acquiesced to the hundreds of pleas from Scottish users for a Saltire emoji.

There have occasionally been custom emoji hashtags, such as the #AsOne hashtag during Scotland rugby games in the Six Nations and the Rugby World Cup.

The good news was celebrated by Twitter users, who have been using their new patriotic emoji liberally since yesterday.