TV Jenny to star as femme fatale in We Will Rock You

SHE is known for angelic performances as a young hopeful on Over The Rainbow.

But now Jenny Douglas is swapping her red Dororthy shoes for an altogether less innocent role as the outrageous femme fatale of Queen musical We Will Rock You.

The city singer, who reached the finals of the popular BBC show, has been chosen to star in the hit show after seeing off strong competition from her former rival contestants on Over The Rainbow and impressing Queen legends, guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor.

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The 18-year-old, who lives with her mum Mary in South Queensferry, was chosen from hundreds of contenders and will now travel to London to rehearse her role as punk rocker Meat.

Jenny and the star cast will then kick-off their year-long UK tour at Manchester Palace in December, before finishing in her home town the following year.

Mary said that her daughter, who is visiting her cousin in the United States, was delighted at the news.

She said: "I'm over the moon, we both are. It was a pretty tense time, and Jenny did five auditions at different stages and she had to audition before a singing panel and a dancing panel,

"She also got to sing for Brian May and Roger Taylor, which was just amazing.

"She's such a huge Queen fan, the whole family is, so I think even if she hadn't got the part she would have been happy after that.

"After one audition she got on the train at King's Cross to come back home, and she was 20 minutes outside London when the producers phoned her and asked her to come for another audition that day.

"She got off at the next stop and went back to London. She worked so hard to get it and we're just so thrilled she did."

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Mary said that several former Over The Rainbow contestants, Amy Diamond, 22, and Lauren Samuels, 22, had also gone for various roles along with Jenny.

She said: "Jenny was worried that Amy had a stronger performance at the auditions but she got the part in the end. I've heard all of the others have done really well and got parts in other big productions.

"There were also a lot of girls already doing touring with productions, so it was a tough competition. Jenny did so well. I can't believe my wee girl has got this part."

A spokesman for Phil McIntyre Entertainments, which produces We Will Rock You, said that Jenny had been an early favourite of the judges.

He said: "We are thrilled to have Jenny Douglas as part of this upcoming We Will Rock You tour. She was a great talent on the show Over The Rainbow and when we first saw her we knew she would be fantastic for this role. We are looking forward to bringing the tour back to Scotland and along with it one of their very own talents."

Mary added: "I'll be there in Manchester on the first night in December and we'll all be at the Playhouse when it ends in January 2012.

"Jenny will be so proud to end the show in her home town."