Tunnel shut in fire rescue exercise

A JACK-KNIFED lorry and a chemical spillage caused mayhem in a road tunnel - but fortunately it was just a training exercise for the emergency services.

Firefighters and ambulance crews worked together on the operation, called "Helm's Deep", to develop their skills and prepare for similar situations.

Glasgow City Council closed the Clyde Tunnel for a few hours on Saturday night into yesterday morning as the teams tackled crash scenarios involving cars, a truck and an LGV.

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The simulated disaster was sparked by a flatbed truck, which had swerved to avoid a stationary vehicle and collided with the barrier.

As the flatbed driver checked his vehicle for damage he was hit by an oncoming saloon car, trapping him underneath and killing the driver of the private car.

This collision caused the ammonia-filled chemical drums on the back of the truck to be strewn across the carriageway.

A jack-knifed LGV then pinned an overturned private car to the side tunnel barrier, trapping the driver and an infant inside, while the LGV's trailer caught fire, filling the tunnel with smoke.

More than 55 firefighters and senior officers attended the exercise.