Waverley works happening on Christmas and New Year

ENGINEERS will be carrying out a 'significant' piece of engineering work at Waverley Station and Princes Street Gardens over the festive holidays.
Platform at Waverley where works take placePlatform at Waverley where works take place
Platform at Waverley where works take place

They will be working on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day to try and realign the railway thorough platforms 10 and 11 and to replace sections of old track between Waverley and Haymarket.

It is part of the Scottish Government’s Edinburgh Glasgow Improvement Programme (EGIP) and the Department for Transport-funded Intercity Express Programme (IEP).

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Work will follow in the new year at platforms 5 and 6, to the east of the station, which will extended to accommodate the new 10-car trains due torunbetween Edinburgh and London.

Rodger Querns, Network Rail programme director, said: “Completing such a significant piece of engineering work in one of the country’s busiest stations is a significant challenge.”