'This was certainly one of the more odd ones' - Firefighters called to rescue fox cub in Glasgow found with its head stuck in a wheel

The fox cub was spotted looking very confused by the situation it found itself in.

Emergency services were called to rescue a fox cub found with its head trapped in the centre of a rusty wheel.

The animal was spotted in Tabard Place, Glasgow on Saturday night at about 9.45pm.

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Firefighters were called to help with what appeared to be a helpless task.

The fox cub was spotted looking very confused by the circumstances it found itself in

A picture shows the confused cub with its head firmly locked in the centre of the wheel.

Crew used hydraulic cutting equipment that is normally used to free casualties involved in a car accident and managed to free the fox in less than an hour.

Fortunately the animal was uninjured.

Karla Stevenson, station commander for Knightswood Community Fire Station, said: “This was certainly one of the more odd ones that we have heard about or seen, and a surprisingly tricky operation to carry out safely.

“Crews had to work to prevent harm to the animal, while also ensuring they weren't harmed by a scared and frightened fox.

“They showed great skill in using the hydraulic cutting equipment to free the fox safely, ensuring that a member of the public didn’t put themselves or the fox in danger by attempting their own rescue.

“Well done to Crew Commander Alan Rodgers and his crew.”