Video: Mum and toddler's lucky escape as van slams headfirst into their car

A video shared on social media has shown the terrifying moment a white van slams head first into a car carrying a Perthshire mum and her young daughter.

The dashcam clip, which was posted on Facebook by a user called Grant Donaldson, shows the van losing control on the icy surface and skidding round the corner before slamming into the oncoming SUV.

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Louise Thomson, who was in the car with Grant and her young daughter, aged 3, commented on the post: “I can’t stop watching it, I think it’s even scarier watching it with the sound, the actual panic in our voices is horrible!”

Luckily all three, who were travelling home along the road near Perth on December 23 when the incident happened, received only minor injuries.

The shocking moment the van slams headfirst into the car. Picture: Grant Donaldson