Train forced into emergency level crossing stop

A TRAIN driver has been forced to make an emergency stop to avoid colliding with a motorcyclist who zigzagged round barriers just ahead of it on a level crossing at Kinloss in Moray.
British Transport Police are investigating. Picture: TSPLBritish Transport Police are investigating. Picture: TSPL
British Transport Police are investigating. Picture: TSPL

The incident was one of two near-misses at the crossing within three weeks, with British Transport Police (BTP) hunting the motorists involved.

In the second case, around 2:30pm on Tuesday, a driver narrowly avoided being hit by an Aberdeen-Inverness train which passed their grey/green car after it had stopped inside the barriers. It is being treated as crossing misuse rather than a breakdown.

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BTP said in the earlier case, just before 9pm on 4 April, the motorcyclist had driven round the barriers, seconds before an Elgin-Inverness train had passed, forcing its driver to use the emergency brake.

Both incidents were reported to police by the ScotRail train drivers involved.

Sergeant Kevin Lawrence, of BTP, said: “It cannot be underestimated how stupid it is not to stop at a level crossing as soon as the lights flash, klaxons sound and barriers begin to lower.

“If anyone has any knowledge of those believed to be involved in these incidents they should contact BTP as a matter of urgency.”