Stonehaven train incidents prompt trespass warning

THE British Transport Police today issued an urgent warning of the dangers of trespassing on the railway - following two incidents at Stonehaven station in Aberdeenshire at the weekend.

A BTP spokesman said: “Around 9.15pm on Friday, 1 March, a group of four or five teenagers ran across the tracks at the station. In a second incident, around 7.30pm on Saturday, three men were seen to trespass. One of this group, who appeared to be heavily under the influence of alcohol, fell and had to be helped from the tracks by a member of rail staff before he made off.

“One of the teenagers is described as being in his early teens and wearing a white top, jeans and white trainers. One of the group of men was wearing a red jumper and another had a green jacket on.”

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Constable Paul Hamilton of the BTP said: “I am warning local people about the foolishness of these actions. The railway is an extremely dangerous environment and anyone who trespasses on the tracks is putting themselves in real danger. I would also urge anyone who has information regarding the identity of those believed to have committed the offences to contact BTP as soon as possible.”