ScotRail train decouples speeding off and leaving carriage full of passengers stranded

Rail Passengers at a Lothian train station were left stranded in a carriage when the ScotRail train that was due to carry them decoupled and sped off leaving them behind.

Angry passengers tweeted to say that they were left with no explanation for over 40 minutes before having to press the emergency release to get off of the train.

Shauna Rafferty tweeted: “My carriage detached from my train tonight and left us at Uphall for 45 minutes. No driver, no staff, had to hit the emergency release to get the doors open so we could get off. No word from @ScotRail, absolute shambles!”

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@danielmcmeeking asked: “@ScotRail have you found out the reason why the train got detached at uphall and was left there? Surely this is a serious safety issue. Imagine it was going at speed...”

@JaneSmyth14 posted: “Oh dear train from edin to helensburgh has abandoned 3 carriages at uphall. Don’t worry though we managed to get the doors open. We’re on the platform now waiting for the transport police. Always have safety in mind @ScotRail ? You’ve finally managed to shock me!”

Witnesses say the front half carried on as normal with ScotRail staff apparently unaware of what had transpired.

A spokesperson for ScotRail said: “We are sorry to our customers who were affected by this incident. We are working hard to find out the cause and the train has been removed from service.

“We are doing everything we can to keep customers moving. Check our Twitter account or download our app for the latest information.”

The incident caused further cancellations to services between Edinburgh and Helensburgh Central via Airdrie as the rail firm investigated how the incident happened.