Ruth Davidson attacks Edinburgh airport delays

SCOTTISH Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has become the latest high-profile passenger to criticise Edinburgh Airport’s chronic security check delays.

Ruth Davidson has criticised Edinburgh Airport's security check delays. Picture: Ian Georgeson

She tweeted: “This is maybe the 4th or 5th time I’ve been through the new security @EDI_Airport - never ceases to amaze me how terrible it is. Useless.”

The airport replied: “Sorry that you’ve had a bad experience with us Ruth. We know it’s unacceptable and are working to amend the security processes and improve the service overall.”

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The exchange came a week after Dragons’ Den star Duncan Bannatyne condemned the “pretty bad system” at Scotland’s busiest airport.

Scotch Whisky Association chief executive David Frost also tweeted: “Thank you Ruth for saying what so many frequent travellers think. It just doesn’t seem to be improving.”

Fellow passenger Stewart Mackinlay tweeted: “Edinburgh used to be great up until they moved security. Absolute shambles now.”

The terminal’s £25 million new security hall has caused delays to fliers since it was opened this year. It has six lanes compared with the previous 12, but the airport describes them as “high performance” because they separate passengers with bags that need manual searches.

An airport spokesman said: “Ruth clearly wasn’t happy with her experience through the security hall and we apologised for what she viewed as a bad experience. We take on board all passenger feedback as we continue to strive to improve the overall passenger journey throughout the terminal.”