Resident fumes as abandoned car remains despite 24 hour warning issued in May

The Council have announced plans to remove cars from Edinburgh's city centre for one day each week, however it appears that in Leith this new rule could be enforced less stringently.

One resident has been driven round the bend by a seemingly abandoned vehicle in her car park.

Although the car has no license plates, it is befitted with reverse graffiti and a notice from the council warning of disposal within 24 hours - unfortunately the notice was left 89 days ago.

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Alex Watson, who spotted the vehicle, took to Twitter to inform the Council of their oversight, saying “the 24 hour time limit passed 2,088 hours ago”.

A member of the Edinburgh Council Help team reassured Ms Watson that a colleague would look into the matter tomorrow.

Once again, it appears that the owner of a dusty Ford Focus has approximately 24 hours to retrieve their abandoned car.

The Council have since informed Ms Watson that they are looking into the report writing on Twitter: “I have now passed this on to the locality office for the Wardens to look into this.”

A notice for an abandoned car to be removed was issued in May. It remains there today. Picture @justthemedicine
The warning on the abandoned car.