Profile: David Hasselhoff’s 1982 Pontiac Trans Am - aka KITT

Make: Knight Industries Two Thousand modified 1982 Pontiac Trans Am with alpha circuit self-aware cybernetic logic model.

Body: Tri-Helical Plastell 1000 Molecular bonded shell (impervious to firearms, explosives, temperatures of up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit).

SPECIFICATIONS: Computer controlled 8-speed turbodrive transmission. 0–60mph in 2 seconds.

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Turbo Boost: Rear-mounted undercarriage rocket motors, top speed of over 200mph. Front rocket motors and Trajectory Guidance System producing jump of up to 40 feet.

Voice Synthesizer: Speaks English, Spanish and French.

Sensors: X-ray/infrared scanners; audio sensors throughout interior and exterior; atmospheric sampling device; visual tracking microscanners.

Cruise Modes: Normal, auto, pursuit, super pursuit, silent, surveillance.

Modifications: Grappling hook, winch, oil jets, smoke screen, flame thrower, tear gas launcher, telephone comlink, microwave jammer, laser powerpack, bomb sniffer, medical scanner, deflatable tyres, seat ejection System, video display monitors, cash dispenser, interior oxygenator, two-wheel ski drive, entertainment system for music, video, arcade games.

Estimated Production Cost: £16,848,440

Likes: Germany, Baywatch, high-speed pursuit.

Dislikes: KARR, Goliath, Edinburgh’s traffic