Motherwell drivers '˜worst in UK' for mobile phone use

DRIVERS in Motherwell are the worst in Britain for using their mobile phone while behind the wheel.

Drivers in Motherwell were the worst in the UK for using their phones while driving. Picture: TSPL/Phil Wilkinson
Drivers in Motherwell were the worst in the UK for using their phones while driving. Picture: TSPL/Phil Wilkinson

New research has revealed motorists in the Lanarkshire town have been nabbed using their phones while driving more times than drivers in any other area of the UK.

Offenders get three penalty points and a £100 fine and figures show that 3.29 per cent of motorists in the Motherwell postcode area currently have the offence on their licence.

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The Glasgow postcode area at 2.59 per cent is the second worst offender and towns in cities Scotland fill the top eight spots in the British list based on data from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

The Kilmarnock area was third on the list with 2.3 per cent of drivers caught using their phones on the road while Paisley was fourth at 2.06 per cent.

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Scotland as a whole was the worst region in the UK for the offence with 1.51 per cent of drivers across the country caught out followed by London at 0.82 per cent.

Worcester and Essex had the least number of drivers with the offence on the record with just 0.21 per cent in the areas caught.

The data was obtained from the DVLA by car price comparison website Car Keys.

A DVLA spokesman said: “Using a mobile phone and other hand-held devices, whilst driving, is a criminal offence. Studies have shown this to be a serious road safety risk. If this happens whilst driving a large vehicle such as a bus or lorry, the risk is even greater.”

A spokesman for Car Keys said: “We published data highlighting the most likely places to come across drivers using their mobile phones whilst behind the wheel.

“Data collected by the Driver’s Vehicle Licence Agency (DVLA) and obtained by Car Keys has pinpointed the worst places in Britain for driving offence code CU80 as well as praising the safest areas too.

“Scotland filled the top eight worst areas in Britain. The least likely places to encounter a driver using their mobile phone are all in either West Midlands or in the South West.”

Between 2009 and 2014 there were 3,611 reported accidents “occurred where at least one driver” was on their phone.

Earlier this year, it was announced that drivers caught using hand-held mobiles could face tougher penalties under new plans being considered by ministers.

The number of penalty points given to a motorist using their phone while driving could rise from three to four and the fine could be raised from £100 to £150.

The Department of Transport cited research suggesting nine per cent of motorists regularly take “selfies” when behind the wheel.


Motherwell – 3.29%

Glasgow – 2.59%

Kilmarnock – 2.30%

Paisley – 2.06%

Dumfries – 1.78%

Falkirk – 1.76%

Kirkcaldy – 1.60%

Edinburgh – 1.34%

Southhall – 1.29%

Ilford – 1.28%


Worcester – 0.21%

Exeter – 0.21%

Dorchester – 0.22%

Telford – 0.23%

Gloucester – 0.25%

Torquay – 0.25%

Truro – 0.25%

Plymouth – 0.25%

Derby – 0.26%

Canterbury – 0.26%

By Region

Scotland – 1.51%

London – 0.82%

East England – 0.73%

Wales – 0.72%

South East England – 0.62%

North East England – 0.52%

North West England – 0.42%

East Midlands – 0.37%

Yorkshire & The Humber – 0.35%

South West – 0.32%

West Midlands – 0.31%