Man’s 100mph race with toddler in the back seat

A MAN who raced a total stranger at more than 100mph on a busy main road with a toddler strapped in the back of his car dodged a jail term on Thursday.
The case was heard at Forfar Sheriff Court. Picture: GeographThe case was heard at Forfar Sheriff Court. Picture: Geograph
The case was heard at Forfar Sheriff Court. Picture: Geograph

Nathan Myles sped along the A92 dual carriageway between Carnoustie and Dundee racing Ryan Ross after coming upon each other on the road.

The pair - who had never met before - tailgated each other and other motorists completely unaware that they were being followed by an unmarked police car.

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Forfar Sheriff Court heard their five minute race - with Myles in an Audi A3 and Ross in his BMW - saw them flooring it along at speeds of between 97 and 105mph.

And when they were finally pulled over cops found Myles had his sister and a three-year-old child on board.

A sheriff branded the pair’s stunt “five minutes of madness” and banned both from the road.

Forfar Sheriff Court heard Myles had only bought the powerful Audi just three days before the incident.

His lawyer said he had been “trying to impress his passengers” - and hadn’t realised the danger he put them in.

Fiscal depute Hannah Kennedy said both cars were seen by police travelling at “excessive” speed in the inside lane, with Ross in front and Myles behind.

The prosecutor said the pair braked frequently as they tailgated other cars with their speeds topping out at 105mph.


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Offshore technician Ross, 22, of Thorter Neuk, Dundee, and Myles, 23, of Weavers Close, Arbroath, pleaded guilty to a charge of dangerous driving committed on April 26.

Sarah Russo, defending Myles, said: “He got his licence in September 2011 but tells me he had only got this car three days before the incident.

“He was excited about driving his new car and as is all to often the case with young, inexperienced, drivers, he was trying to impress his passengers.

“He didn’t appreciate the danger he was putting them in.

“It’s his position that the other driver had started tailgating him initially.”

Sheriff Gregor Murray imposed a community payback order on Myles with 200 hours unpaid work and banned him from the road for 16 months.

He told Myles: “Any person who drives like this with a three-year-old child in the car deserves all they are going to get.

“The question is whether or not a direct alternative to imprisonment is available and in your case there is.”

David Duncan, defending Ross at an earlier hearing, said there was “no connection” between the pair “other than their standard of driving”.

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He said: “He describes his behaviour, quite appropriately, as madness and there is no better explanation than that.

“He has now sold that particular car, partly because he knows what is going to happen to him, but also because he recognises the difficulty of young men having powerful cars.

“He is looking to put this matter behind him and is more than determined there will be no repeat of this kind of conduct.”

Sheriff Murray previously fined Ross £1000 and banned him from driving for 16 months.


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