Lord Hardie on family trams trip: ‘We loved it’

Lord Hardie. Picture: Neil HannaLord Hardie. Picture: Neil Hanna
Lord Hardie. Picture: Neil Hanna
HE’S been appointed to expose what went wrong with Edinburgh’s most controversial project, but when Lord Hardie took a trip on a tram earlier this year, the judge’s verdict was more than lenient: “We all loved it”.

Lord Hardie described his day out on the tram with his family, before his appointment on June 12. “I went on a tram before the announcement of my appointment was made,” he said.

“I didn’t feel it was appropriate to go as chairman, to commandeer a tram or anything. I took my wife and daughter and three grandchildren on the tram, and we went out to the airport.”

His final judgement: “It was an enjoyable experience.”

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