Glasgow School of Art fire: Warning to steer clear of damaged building

People have been urged to stay away from the fire-ravaged Mackintosh building amid fears parts of the structure could fall.

Glasgow City Council said it had received reports of people breaching a safety cordon at the School of Art.

Building control officers say it is essential that people observe an exclusion zone, which remains in place to protect public safety.

Raymond Barlow, the council’s head of building control, said: “We have had reports of people breaching the cordon, and we have many requests from displaced residents to access their properties.

Firefighters tackling the blaze.


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“I fully understand people’s desire to get back into their property.

“However surveys in recent days have shown us that the west and east elevations remain of significant concern

“This means that there is a risk that parts of the building might fall into Scott Street or Dalhousie Street.”