Glasgow Airport forced to change restaurant sign after embarrassing Gaelic translation error

The translation error on the restaurant sign at Glasgow Airport was posted on social media

Glasgow Airport has been forced to change a prominent restaurant sign after an embarrassing translation error involving the Scottish and Irish Gaelic languages.

The blunder was aired on social media on Tuesday, with prominent Gaelic speaker Murdo MacSween pointing out the sign for the Caledonia restaurant had mixed up the two languages and used the wrong wording.

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The sign stated “An bhfuil ocras ort?”, which translates into English as “are you hungry?” - but is an Irish Gaelic phrase, not Scottish.

Mr MacSween posted on X with an image of the sign: “Good morning @GLA_Airport, maybe don’t just google your translations. That’s Irish not Scottish Gaelic. Show some respect. “Hire someone to translate it or even just try @LearnGaelicScot maybe.” Mr MacSween has since explained the correcting wording should instead say “A bheil an t-acras ort?”.

“It’s just a kick in the teeth that companies do this,” MacSween told the Glasgow Times. “They have some good intentions, but the disrespect not to check or confirm the spelling/grammar is ridiculous.”

A Glasgow Airport spokesperson said on Tuesday: "The translation error was spotted by our retail team this morning and will be replaced by the airport partner responsible for the hoarding."



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