Flight makes emergency landing at Prestwick after fire fears

AN Air France flight was forced to make an emergency landing at Glasgow Prestwick Airport following reports of a burning smell on board.

An Air France flight has been forced to make an emergency landing at Glasgow Prestwick. Picture: John Devlin

Crew on board Flight 374 to Vancouver raised the alarm after a light smell of burning was detected by passengers. The decision to land at Prestwick was taken as a precautionary measure.

Radar data shows that the plane had been flying north west of Stornoway before it was forced to head south to Glasgow.

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After landing safely at Prestwick, some 300 passengers vacated the plane safely with no injuries reported.

Engineers are no assessing the aircraft in an effort to resolve the issue and find out what happened.

Kirsten Sweeney, a spokesperson for Glasgow Prestwick Airport, explained to CBC News that the emergency landing was due to a sensory issue on the plane.