Evening News readers have their say on 20mph limits

A national study has found that eight out of ten motorists ignore 20mph speed limits, sparking a strong Facebook response on the merits of the scheme in Edinburgh.

A new study suggests the majority of motorists are ignoring 20mph speed limits.
A new study suggests the majority of motorists are ignoring 20mph speed limits.

Kevin Monaghan said he was not a fan of the 20mph zones in the Capital. “It’s counterproductive,” he argued. “People will now ignore 20 zones in actual residential areas and near schools. 20 zones should be reserved for such places.”

Gail McAulay said she felt 20 mph zones were “fine in residential estates,” but she added: “20 mph on main high streets just cause frustration and regardless of what the ‘experts’ say it causes delays.”

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Caroline Currie said she understood many drivers’ frustrations, writing: “20mph is just wrong for main roads and that is why most people are ignoring it.”

Thomas Monkhouse wrote: “I’m all in favour of 20mph outside schools and in local streets but how many children play in Regent Road, or Haymarket or South Bridge or Leith Walk? 20mph is counter productive to reducing emissions as engines can’t run at an optimum speed, the engines are choking to get to the most efficient gear,” he added.

Lea Lumsden said he faced problems trying to stick the limit, writing: “Driving through Portobello the other day, doing 20mph with the driver behind practically in the boot! I agree 20 zones should only be near schools, residential areas etc but not on main roads!”

David Sandilands agreed, posting: “Yeah and if you are doing 20 your tailgated and abused for it.” Alan Eadie added: “My cruise control doesn’t even work at 20!”