Edinburgh’s roads ‘worse than those in Third World’

THE capital’s roads have been described as worse than some in the Third World by tourists coming to Scotland.

Tour guides have reported that visitors from developing countries were surprised to find potholes in Edinburgh’s streets.

Business chiefs reacted with concern to the feedback, saying the deteriorating network could cost the city international investment.

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Fabian Chornogubsky, a guide with tour company Escocia, said: “Almost everyone I’ve taken on tours recently has commented on the appalling state of the roads in Edinburgh, even people from Third World countries.

“It tends to range from comments like ‘this isn’t what we were expecting’ to those that say roads are worse than in their own countries.”

Mr Chornogubsky, who has worked as a tour guide for 17 years, added: “I’ve been on holiday to Third World countries and I’ve never seen anything like this before. For a capital city, it’s just shameful.”

Nicky Sanderson, a tour guide in Edinburgh for the past 11 years, agreed that the roads were “pretty embarrassing” and said it gives the impression Edinburgh is “an 18th-century city with 18th-century roads to match”.

But deputy council leader Steve Cardownie said: “I’d be amazed if the roads in Venezuela are that good that they would cause people to say the roads here were poor.”

Councillor Lesley Hinds, the city’s transport leader, said: “The most recent survey ranked us 11th out of 32 Scottish councils and we are still dealing with the legacy of two harsh winters but it is clear that more can be done.”

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