BBC Scotland presenter hits back after being told to 'speak proper accented English'

A BBC Scotland presenter has defended himself after being told to 'speak proper accented English' on Twitter.

Martin Patience hit back on Twitter.

Glaswegian Martin Patience, BBC's Middle East Correspondent, told an irate Twitter user: "Look pal, in Glasgow I'm considered posh."

He hit back after @Oldblackbeard1 blasted: "Can anyone understand what this reporter is saying as I am struggling. He needs to speak better accented English I think, more middle class if you know what I mean."

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Another Twitter user added: "It used to be Queen's English, BBC English and the dialects."

But the BBC reporter was having none of it, replying: "Last time I checked the BBC was created by a man ... drumroll please ... from Glasgow!"

Twitter users defended Martin in their droves.

@brianwilsonjerk wrote: "Martin Patience is a very clear speaker. I am from Scotland and was trying to find out where his accent came from."

@Mark_Leggatt joked: "Better accented English? That could only be achieved if he had been born in Dundee."

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