'˜Trainspotting pub' to officially reopen

A pub that featured in Trainspotting is set to reopen after a £500,000 revamp.

The pub, formerly known as Crosslands. in the west end of Glasgow, features a balcony made famous in the cult Irvine Welsh film.

In a scene, which was shot in the Glasgow establishment, Begbie threw a pint glass from the balcony before a mass brawl.

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Now, ahead of the highly-anticipated sequel, the pub is to relaunch as the Kelbourne Saint, with around £500,000 invested into the project.

Managing director, Graham Suttle, said: “Drinking and dining at the Kelbourne Saint will be a change in style from our other restaurants but with the same commitment to ethically-sourced, sustainable produce.

“Our aim is to bring people together and enjoy our new menu, family style. Our chickens have had time to grow slowly and roam free on Scottish farms, meaning they have the time to develop the finest flavour and texture.”

He added: “Months of consultation went into everything from the food and drink, right down to the decor and service. First and foremost, we look to create venues that we would want to visit.

“We think this is exactly what the surrounding community on Great Western Road is looking for and we’ve already been really well received.