Time capsule buried in renovated Inverness Steeple

IN 100 years time, when a time capsule buried in a renovated Inverness Steeple is re-opened, future generations will most likely be amazed at how we lived.

• Time capsule contains several items including a Nokia mobile phone and a match report from Inverness CT’s win over Rangers in the league cup

• The capsule has been buried after a package of old documents laid down in 1923 was discovered last month

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In particular, with the rate of technological advancements, it will be interesting to know what those living in the 22nd century will make of an old Nokia mobile phone.

Those opening the capsule will be able to celebrate to occasion with bottle of 12-year-old “Town House” whisky. Interestingly, a packet of aspirin has also been added.

The time capsule was laid within the newly refurbished steeple by Inverness Provost Alex Graham, who business card has also been included with the contents.

He said: “We hope that the capsule will stand the test of time in our historic steeple. When it is opened it will provide an interesting glimpse of this point in time and of life in the City of Inverness in the year 2012.”

He buried it under a cast iron cone that caps the top of the stonework at the apex of the steeple.

It was decided to place the time capsule following the discovery in October of a package of old documents that was laid down almost in 1923.

Highland Council decided mark the renovation works by burying a new time capsule not to be opened before the year 2112.

Also included is a report of Inverness Caledonian Thistle’s victory over Rangers in the League Cup and a photograph of the current 80 members of the council.

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There is also a set of mint condition British coins currently in circulation and a current BT telephone book.

It also contains an Inverness Courier newspaper dated 12 October, which carried the story about the discovery of the 1923 time capsule.

There are also drawings of the restoration work, the Royal British Legion Scotland Inverness Branch Remembrance Day Service 2012 Order of Service, and a copy of a New Testament and Psalms.

The Inverness Steeple renovations works, estimated to cost £550,000 are being funded by Inverness Common Good Fund and Historic Scotland.

The major refurbishments on-going at the Grade A-listed building on the corner of Bridge Street and Church Street include masonry to repair or replace loose, worn or damaged stone and repairs to the clock face, bell mechanisms and weather vane on the tower.

The time capsule comprises a cylindrical industrial tube, measuring 235mm x 600mm, and is manufactured from PVCu. Also used in the underground drainage sector the cylinder is considered to be sufficiently durable to last at least 100 years.

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