Tim Peake's spacecraft to go on show in Edinburgh

Astronaut Tim Peake's space capsule that brought him back to Earth is to go on show at the National Museum of Scotland.

British astronaut Major Tim Peake pictured with the Soyuz TMA-19M - the Space capsule that brought him safely back to Earth after his stint on the International Space Station. Picture: SWNS

As the only Scottish venue on the tour of this spacecraft, Major Peake’s Soyuz TMA-19M capsule; complete with its 25-metre parachute and re-entry scorch marks - will go on display in the Capital from May to August 2018.

The spacecraft will be displayed alongside Space Descent VR, a virtual reality adventure which places you right at the heart of Tim Peake’s journey back to Earth.

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Tim Peake returned to Earth in the 1.5-tonne Soyuz TMA-19M descent module on 18 June 2016 after six months orbiting the globe on the International Space Station, conducting experiments, walking in space and even running a marathon.

British astronaut Major Tim Peake. Picture: SWNS
British astronaut Major Tim Peake. Picture: SWNS