Three Brits are jailed for moving ransom money

Three Britons who allegedly took millions of dollars into Somalia to pay pirate ransoms have been jailed in the Horn of Africa.

The two men accused of carrying the cash were sentenced to 15 years behind bars, while the third was ordered to serve ten years. They are being held in Mogadishu along with an American and two Kenyans who were given ten-year prison terms for their roles.

The group was arrested last month shortly after flying into the capital's airport with around 2.2 million in cash, it was claimed. A Somali official has said the planes they used are frequently employed by companies delivering ransoms.

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It is the first time Westerners have been sentenced for involvement in pirate payments. Officials did not give further details on the jailed men, but it is understood they are unlikely to have to serve their full sentences.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: "We are aware of the verdict. We have impressed upon the transitional federal government to ensure the safety and security of the group while legal options are considered."

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