Thief who robbed SuBo lets charity down

A TEENAGER who stole £9 from the bedroom of millionaire singer Susan Boyle has spent the savings he was supposed to donate to charity.

Scott Millar, 17, was ordered to make a 100 donation to the singer's favourite charity when he appeared for sentencing at Livingston Sheriff Court yesterday.

However, his lawyer claimed the teenager was penniless because he had just taken tenancy of a council house in Miss Boyle's home town of Blackburn, West Lothian.

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Darryl Lovie, defending Millar, said his "immature" client could not even afford to pay compensation to Susan Boyle for the coins he had stolen from her.

Millar earlier pleaded guilty to stealing the spare change from Susan Boyle's former council house in Yule Drive, Blackburn, on January 26.

He was not charged with breaking into the property because the singer, who had just returned home from a business trip, had left the door unlocked when she went out to call on a friend.

Sheriff Douglas Kinloch deferred sentence for a further six months and warned Millar to stay out of trouble.