'˜They'll rejoin Norway': Readers react to Shetland map '˜problem'

This week Shetland's MSP, Tavish Scott of the Liberal Democrats, proposed new laws that would ensure that the islands are put 'in the right place' on official maps of Scotland amid growing anger at them being featured in an enclosed box in the wrong part of the country.

Mr Scott said: “Shetlanders are rightly irked when they see Shetland placed in a box in the Moray Firth.”

It was a story that caused a stir among many of The Scotsman’s readers too...

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Put isles '˜in the right place' on Scotland's maps, demands Shetland MSP
Shetlands MSP called for the islands not to be drawn on in an enclosed box on maps.

They {Scottish Government] really are getting petty, It’s put in the box simply due to scale and space on the paper. - Jim Thomas

Do as Shetland’s MSP demands or the oil and gas-rich archipelago will vote to secede and rejoin Norway! - Hog_Weed

The SNP don’t care about Shetland – they want to make it look like a sideshow. Glasgow and Dundee is all the SNP care about, and little else. They certainly have a policy of despising Edinburgh. - oneworld72

Oh, to live at a time when all the big political issues, health, education, housing, the economy etc, have been sorted and our politicians can trouble themselves with trivial irritations.- fc

Shetlands MSP called for the islands not to be drawn on in an enclosed box on maps.

Life, for most people, is a series of small events which have importance to them. For Tavish, his islands’ place on the map (now, rather than when he was a minister) is to the forefront of his concerns. Judge him as you like. - gavin

Where is the demand for Raasay, Muck, Eigg, Canna to be reinstated on that map? St Kilda does not appear either, nor a host of uninhabited islands around the coast. I demand that these ALL appear at scale. - Bibio

The US does the same for maps that include Hawaii and Alaska... -Common Sensei

But some readers could see the sense in the SNP MSP’s suggestion..

On nautical charts it matters. Your boat gives out a nasty crunchy sound otherwise. - old clothes and porridge

I agree wholly. - Berlin Calling

If we are to represent the whole of Scotland to scale, the Central Belt will look so much more insignificant. Good. - SoHot

We’ll leave Jenny with the final word and a potential solution.

Surely the obvious answer to the Shetland problem is a small black arrow at the top of the box with the words “100 miles”? - Jenny Martin