The Scotsman Crossword and yesterday's answers 21/05/20

Here is today’s Scotsman crossword grid and clues, together with the solution for Wednesday.
Scotsman crosswordScotsman crossword
Scotsman crossword

This is provided during lockdown for those who would like to print off and complete.


1 When a senior officer takes control, in most cases (2,1,7,4)

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9 Shouldn’t let vino be used to deal with vicious characters? (7)

10 Record a left-winger who had come to the point (7)

11 Cut off 13 across, substituting one for another (4)

12 Design a rug for a top singer as a term of endearment (5)

Wednesday solutionWednesday solution
Wednesday solution

13 Applaud the first complete circuit (4)

16 Have to pull a large snake, at last, from a powerful vessel (3-4)

17 Transform a top place in order to grow a root vegetable (6)

19 Allow one to change 26 across over time (6)

22 Is about to get to the dance, at the end (7)

25 Expect to get extra, with society showing compassion (4)

26 In peak condition to bring something into working order (5)

27 Go back with the French characters to cast amorous glances (4)

30 Will manage to get up, before an important event (3,2,2)

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31 It’s characteristic of old rebel, initially, to be a turncoat (7)

32 Did he prefer a hotel to be arranged for a member of the House of Lords (4,2,3,5)


1 At short notice, vote to adopt a CA, or a lawyer (8)

2 After a party, call up some loving characters (7)

3 Looks over the best land in Jersey, essentially (4)

4 Had to keep things safe in a hospital department suffering corrosion (7)

5 Draw a crowd to a road race when model car turned over (7)

6 Was transported when things were covered up, we’re told (4)

7 Lie about role taken by a siren on the Rhine (7)

8 At short notice, choose a candidate, say (5)

14 Did little Joey take a maiden to his chambers? (5)

15 Is it the right time to come back into a politician who has put his foot down (5)

18 Met with large organisation to get the message, at one time (8)

20 Old writers, at the end, had to deal with a surcharge (7)

21 Will go away, having lost interest (4,3)

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22 Is about to join a contest, after a stalemate last time (7)

23 Have a great time at a race meeting, in the main (7)

24 On the quiet, things are there to divide things into equal portions (5)

28 Odds on getting to turn right to urge one on (4)

29 One in service returned to put on a pretty good trade show (4)