The Scotsman Crossword 8/6/20

Here is today’s Scotsman crossword grid and clues.
Scotsman crosswordScotsman crossword
Scotsman crossword

This is being provided during lockdown for those who would like to print off and complete.


1 It’s hard to get a rebate arranged when one’s down-at-heel (10)

Monday's crossword gridMonday's crossword grid
Monday's crossword grid

9 Left a graduate behind in a South American capital (4)

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10 Place some workers in office, at the end, for one episode (10)

11 Look to the future with hope. You can see it coming (6)

12 Flower that might be used in an Easter bonnet (5)

15 An Olympic venue, in short, at times had breaches of the peace (5)

18 Get rid of things from a long time ago, at the end (5)

19 Will have to amend some of the text to get it right (7)

20 Indian stringed instrument from all the airts combined (5)

21 Hard runner in England found a place to call home (5)

22 A very old rascal got round with a tropical fruit (7)

23 Had a thorough wetting. It was a bit precipitous (5)

24 Transferred to another area, were told, when on track (5)

26 A second layer can be a very pale colour (5)

29 Get a fine car when one has the necessary funds (6)

31 Admission to the ministry, say, was not in radio broadcast (10)

32 Find a way to heal a poor dog, at the end (4)

33 Choose to speak up for those with a choice in the polling booth (10)DOWN

2 May have to search through an old shunting shed (4)

3 May be able to stretch for old Spanish wine (6)

4 Managed to take volunteers back to a wide river mouth (5)

5 Was ready to get a drink at the right time (5)

6 Have to go into a carpenter’s workshop (5)

7 Rule it out, having to tear up printed matter (10)

8 Fight with some soldiers, at last, behind a defensive wall (10)

13 Earnest won’t be taken lightly. It’s critical (7)

14 Raise up most of the team at an empty theatre (7)

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15 Oppose an African party, at the end, showing defiance (10)

16 Pick the wrong way to act, but can still succeed, at some stage (10)

17 May have to fight for a bit of what’s left (5)

18 Had the right mindset to get hospital treatment (5)

25 Ran, etc, about to go at a steady gallop (6)

26 Love to attend a party about to end (5)

27 Hard border for a fund seeking to protect against loss (5)

28 Composition could be about an intrepid trapeze artist (5)

30 A former pupil came back, at one time, to a vessel, in the main (4)

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