The City Digest launches Aberdeen edition

After a successful first two months covering Edinburgh and Glasgow, The Scotsman's City Digest is serving Scotland's third largest city with the a new edition for Aberdeen now launched.

Using The City Digest web app you can now keep up with the top news and stories in Aberdeen.

What is it?

The City Digestbrings together the widest range of stories and user-generated content from well-known publishers and social media, to bring you a curated collection of all the stories you need to know - in one simple place.

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The City Digest is a browser based app, so it is viewed as any website would be. It is designed primarily for mobile devices and makes use of the latest technology to deliver app-like features such as horizontal swiping, ‘save for later’ bookmarking and much faster loading times than a standard website.

Stay connected

As well as the mobile site, you will be able to stay connected through a special Facebook Messenger feature, and daily email newsletters, which will ensure you can get your city’s digest delivered direct to you every day.

To use The City Digestgo to and the latest digests for Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen will be live. You can also save the app to your device's home screen and set up your Facebook Messenger or email newsletter delivery.

The City Digest is one example of how The Scotsman continues to innovate in its 200th year, exploring ways to best serve our audiences around Scotland.