TEV project voted best innovation project

Caroline Jones Carrick, the project's directorCaroline Jones Carrick, the project's director
Caroline Jones Carrick, the project's director
The TEV Project (Tracked Electric Vehicles) has been heralded as 2016's Best Innovation Project by the Smart Transportation Alliance (STA), the not-for-profit global leader driving transportation infrastructure innovation, at a ceremony this week in Brussels.

The prestigious accolade, set up by STA, headquartered in London, celebrates key leaders and business professionals in the field of smart transport and infrastructure, recognising projects and businesses across the globe that look to inspire and advance transportation.

The TEV Project wowed judges with its commitment to innovate road design with its compact yet congestion-fighting infrastructure concept “TEV.”

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TEV consists of electrically powered lanes, where electric and hybrid cars can travel indefinitely without the need for charging and without using their batteries, under computer control.

Developed by open-source, TEV allows for vehicles to be grouped close together and travel safely at high speeds, therefore creating a higher capacity that could outperform existing transportation models including traditional roads and high-speed trains.

Chairman of STA José F. Papi, said: “The first edition of the STA Annual Innovation Awards looks to honour global innovators that have decisively contributed to improving the methods, technologies and standards associated to transportation infrastructures.

“Upon evaluation of many world-wide projects STA is pleased to recognise TEV Project as a ground-breaking initiative that takes steps to integrate technology and safety into transportation infrastructures.”

José F. Papí presented the award to Caroline Jones Carrick, the project’s Director, on the 3rd of February at the STA annual conference in Brussels.

Commenting on the award, Caroline said: “We are thrilled to have been awarded the Best Innovation Project at this year’s STA awards. To have our hard work recognised in this way is an amazing feeling and we are extremely grateful to the STA for the acknowledgement.

“Ultimately, we want to see change: not only to road infrastructure, but to the way people travel across the world. Congestion, emissions problems and rising costs of road repairs need to be addressed now so the transportation of tomorrow is cleaner, greener, safer and affordable.

“This was our motivation in creating the TEV Project. TEV is a way for people to travel more safely and much more quickly, while also helping to reduce emissions and overall energy consumption per passenger-mile.”

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The TEV Project will allow electric cars to drive on a specially constructed, dedicated roadway under full automatic control. Vehicles will travel on the track safely at high speeds, enabling greater throughput compared to a traditional track of road.

The project operates as a non-profit registered social enterprise and is working to combine the latest in enabling technologies such as driverless vehicles, dynamic charging and smart city data to propose an evolution of current highway and motorway infrastructure.

Caroline added: “The award ceremony and conference was a fantastic opportunity to discuss new technology trends with thought leaders and decision makers who, like us, want to drive forward changes in the way we travel.

“This is an exciting time in the history of transportation. I hope we can make the most of the awesome technologies being developed to create new road systems that represent how we want car-based transportation to look in decades to come.”

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