Teen Lotto winner Jane Park to appear on ITV's This Morning

Teen Lotto winner Jane Park is to appear on This Morning.
Jane Park is to appear on This MorningJane Park is to appear on This Morning
Jane Park is to appear on This Morning

She took to Twitter encouraging her followers to tune in to the show, but it has not yet been revealed what she will be discussing.

It is not the first time that she has appeared on the show after she was thrust into the spotlight when she became the youngest winner of the Lottery at age 17.

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Fans of the show are familar with Park after she previously appeared on the show saying that her Lotto win had made her miserable.

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Eamonn Holmes tells Edinburgh Lotto winner Jane Park to stop moaning

Appearing on ITV’s This Morning in the past she said winning the money had been a “twisted fairytale” and complained that a £5,000 Braziliam bum lift had not produced the results she wanted.

But on a previous appearance, host Eamonn Holmes accused her of being “hard to please” and told her to stop complaining her life was “rubbish” when she had been so fortunate saying: “I think you are overthinking it.

“You are 17 you have got £1 million that you never had before what’s the worst that can happen? You spend it all and you are back where you started.

“Are you just a bit hard to please. No matter what it is. You got £1 million for nothing, you got a bum lift for nothing, you got all these cars, but four years on why is life so rubbish?

“Why can’t you just say this has been an amazing rollercoaster ride.”

During the interview, Jane denied that she had blown all of her money and claimed to live “comfortably” through property investments.

She said: “I suppose now that I’m a bit older it’s a bit better but looking back it has been a bit of a twisted fairytale.

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“To start with you are out buying things and it is nice, the initial reaction but then when you’ve got to sit back it is only £1 million, you have got to invest it.

“You have go to be wise with it and take a step back and say: ‘where do I want to be in the future?’