‘Tantric temple’ opens but no sex services on offer

A NEW centre offering erotic body massages from women in G-strings has opened for business in the New Town – with owners insisting that no sexual services are available.

A trio of masseuses are working at the centre – called a “Tantric temple” – where customers will learn how to “control their erotic energy”.

Sessions cost £80 for 90 minutes as part of “special introductory offer” to mark the centre’s opening.

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The masseuses previously worked at another Tantric temple in London, but moved to the Capital to offer their services to “men, women and couples”.

But council chiefs said they had no record of the fledgling business applying for a licence, and said officials would be visiting the premises to “make sure the owner is aware of their responsibilities”.

The centre would need a public entertainment licence to operate, the same requirement asked of the city’s saunas.

One of the masseuses said: “These are genuine Tantric massages. There are no sexual services. It’s a body-to-body massage which teaches you how to control your erotic energy.

“The masseuse is naked except for a G-string and the customer is naked. We use specific Tantric techniques to bring full arousal but you do not release it.

“It’s very healthy and relaxes the muscles. Most people think there is only one area for erotic arousal but they find out there are many.”

The exact location of the Tantric temple is more secretive. Customers making a booking will have the address texted to them on the day of their session.

The centre is due to open from 11am to 11pm from next week, but the evening bookings have already proved popular among city residents.

The masseuse said: “We’ve had a lot of bookings.”

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In body-to-body massages, the masseuse uses the naked body to stimulate the patron’s skin.

Proponents of the technique argue that it helps improve blood flow and stimulates nerve endings to promote wellbeing.

Councillor Alasdair Rankin, who represents the City Centre ward, said: “I can understand why some concerns or suspicions might arise here. I will have to discuss the matter with my colleagues in the licensing committee to find out what they believe should happen.”

A council spokesman said: “We have no record of any licence being applied for this service and will be checking to make sure the owner is aware of their responsibilities.”

Rock star Sting, left, famously claimed to be a proponent of Tantric sex, saying he and wife Trudi Styler made love for hours as a result. While the claim became infamous – even inspiring song lyrics – the couple have since claimed it was nothing more than a drunken boast.