Talk of the town: Tavish knows the public aren't happy

SCOTTISH Liberal Democrat leader Tavish Scott has acknowledged public annoyance at the performance of the Lib Dem-led city council in tackling the snow.

Writing on Twitter he said: "On very full bus to Parliament. Much grumbling about why the council isn't doing more."

Edinburgh Central Labour MSP Sarah Boyack said: "I just hope he's taken the time to express the same views to his Lib Dem colleagues who are running the city into the ground."

Snow saves Blackhall organisers some cash

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THE relentless snow has led to Christmas events being cancelled all over the city, so the residents of Blackhall will be delighted to hear their community Christmas lights event is expected to go ahead this weekend.

Indeed, organisers have actually managed to save bit of money thanks to the weather - they had booked a snow-machine for the event but decided in the end that it would not be needed after all.

Having cancelled it, they will now be the only people in the capital not hoping for a sudden thaw.

Mike getting a lot of stick

It was great to see Mike Blair get off the subs bench to share in the joy of Scotland's win over Samoa, because the Edinburgh scrum half needed as break with his name appearing to be increasingly taken in vain.

In the build-up to Saturday's game BBC Radio Scotland presenter John Beattie noted how, when Scotland previously played in Aberdeen, the groundstaff had to abandon painting touch lines on the snow flecked pitch in red and revert to traditional white because Blair, captain that day against Canada, suffers from a colour blindness preventing him differentiating between red and green.

"Wouldn't it just be easier for you to get a new captain?" a disgruntled 'parkie' is alleged to have told the SRU.

Easter eggs at Christmas?

BEWARE geeks bearing gifts in the office - it has been revealed they give the worst Christmas presents.

The so-called Secret Santa ritual in workplaces has been responsible for some of the most toe-curling unwanted pressies, according to a new survey of Scottish recipients.

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Workmates are responsible for the biggest pile of unwanted gifts - ahead of even dreaded aunts and mothers-in-law.

Presents destined never to be appreciated or looked at twice included a sandwich and a bottle of Head & Shoulders. Perhaps the best - or worst - present, however, was from the colleague who was obviously a bit unsure about which event the gift was for - and handed over an Easter egg.