Talk of the town: Nicola Barclay stays despite Azeris' nuls points

IT seems reality TV and controversy go hand in hand - no matter which country you're in.

A West Lothian primary school teacher is at the centre of her own reality TV scandal after judges changed the rules to leave her one step away from representing Azerbaijan in next year's Eurovision Song Contest.

Television viewers in the former Soviet bloc country have turned against Nicola Barclay, after the country's equivalent of Simon Cowell put her through to the final of their national competition despite her finishing second in the semi-final.

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Under the rules, the 26 year old from Livingston should have been eliminated, but judges in the televised heats were so taken by her performance of Rihanna's

Russian Roulette and a song in the native Azeri language, that they appealed to the Eurovision panel to allow her to proceed.

However, television viewers in the country have been outraged by the decision to send her through, believing judges would prefer to send a foreigner to the contest over a national.

Blog followers tell Ricky, 'you tube' over gaffe

EARLIER this year, Labour councillor Ricky Henderson decided to embrace the technological age and start writing a blog for the first time.

Clearly, he is aware that not everybody is up to speed with the world of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

In one recent post - about how much he enjoyed the band "Bombskare" - Cllr Henderson copied a YouTube video of the gig.

Next to the video, he helpfully said: "Click on the small triangle - bottom left hand corner." Would that be the 'play' button, Ricky?

Good grace

BALLET at the cinema is rapidly moving from an exciting novelty to a festive staple.

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The Evening News recently reported that the Cameo Cinema would be presenting a screening of the Bolshoi Ballet performing The Nutcracker live in Moscow on December 19.

Now we learn the Royal Ballet's Nutcracker will be screened at Vue in the Omni Centre on December 20 and 21.

Pirouettes and popcorn - the perfect combination.

Blooming 'eck

DESPITE the freezing weather the Capital it seems is no place to set up shop flogging Bridget Jones-style big knickers.

According to a new survey one in five Edinburgh women admit they are more likely to ask someone out if they're wearing their favourite underwear, with skimpy ones apparently making city women feel more seductive, flirty and attractive.