Talk of the town: The name's Roy, so don't you forget it

HE is an iconic folk hero from Scotland's history and widely referred to as the Scottish Robin Hood.

So it is no surprise that SNP politicians would be influenced by Rob Roy MacGregor - as appears to be the case with SNP Inverleith councillor Stuart Roy McIvor, who is insisting on being referred to by his full name, including "Roy".

"It sounds a lot better," said Cllr McIvor. "You wouldn't refer to Rob Roy MacGregor as just Rob McGregor."

Labour comrades view Osborne by the book

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TALKING of politicians, they're generally very careful about what they say, choosing their words for maximum impact.

Still, it is perhaps being overly generous to assume that local MPs Sheila Gilmore and Ian Murray were simply "on the same wavelength" in their comments about the Budget.

From their thoughts that "George Osborne's reckless policies to cut too deep and too fast are hurting families here in Edinburgh" to their conclusion that "the Conservative-led government needs to think again and get a plan B that puts jobs and growth first - before it's too late" their comments were identical.

Maybe, both being Labour, they just agree completely on these issues . . .

Dog gone but not forgotten

SAD news has reached us about the passing of a local hero - Flash, the black-and-white border Collie.

The loveable dog, which lived to the age of 14, was well-known to residents of the Southside, Marchmont and visitors to Holyrood Park, where owner Suzanne Fraser would walk her and sister Tess.

The impeccably behaved dogs were especially familiar to visitors of the Nicolson Street Tesco, where they would stand at either side of the entrance while their owner did her shopping.

"I have had so many people asking me where Flash is, and it just shows how much people cared about her," said Suzanne.

Greens pick up the thread

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THE Greens added a splash of nostalgia to their Holyrood election campaign by holding the launch event in the former Infirmary Street baths, now converted into the home of the tapestry-weaving Dovecot Studio.

Press officer Stan Blackley and Lothians number two candidate Steve Burgess took the chance to reminisce about fundraising swimming events for Greenpeace at the baths about 25 years ago.