Talk of the town: The case of the psychics request

DETECTIVES are always eager to employ any tool which can help crack a difficult case.

But Lothian and Borders Police have confirmed they do not use psychics to aid investigations after an unusual freedom of information request was sent to the force asking if they utilised anyone with "special powers".

In a response, the force's FOI team wrote: "Lothian and Borders Police does not engage the services of psychics, mediums or clairvoyants other than when they are believed to have relevant information that may assist the investigation. By that I mean where they themselves may be a witness or suspect, or have information that they have gleaned during the course of their profession." ie where they have spoken to people who have imparted information to them about the case."

Clock ticks on artist's caper

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IN Wednesday's paper we revealed that artist John Hunt had created a huge painting of King Kong hanging from the Balmoral clock tower as a surprise gift for his friend, St Giles Cafe owner Fred Pellet. What we didn't realise is that the paper would become part of the fun.

The painting's arrival was to be a complete surprise to Fred, and as paper came out at just before the painting was due to be delivered, and Mr Hunt told us: "I sent him a text message saying 'Fred, you'd better get a copy of the Evening News as soon as possible and a chair to sit on when you read page three'.

"About half 12 I got a text message. He said 'I was really scared, because I thought if there was something about me on page three, what have I done?'"

Too big a move for SuBo

IT seems there really is no place like home for Susan Boyle.

The singer, 51, had used her new-found wealth to move out of her small terrace house in Blackburn, West Lothian, and into a luxury 400,000 house nearby.

But after almost a year living there she has decided to return home to the house she shares with her parents, admitting she missed her neighbours and friends.

Roll up for roller derby

IT'S not a sport many would associate with Scotland - but roller derby is on the rise, and tonight the country's finest skaters will battle it out in East Lothian for a place in Team Scotland at the first ever Roller Derby World Cup.

Roller Derby is a full-contact, all female sport played on quad skates. The final try-outs will take place at Queen Margaret Union Sports Centre in Musselburgh between 7pm and 10pm.