Talk of the Town: Nothing to see here Potter fans

AS one of the world’s best-selling authors and the creator of an all-conquering franchise, the name of JK Rowling is one synonymous with success.

And ever since it emerged that she did most of her work on the Harry Potter novels in a Capital cafe, there has been a clamour amongst businesses to associate themselves with Rowling. Some have put up plaques calling attention to the fact that she worked, ate or slept there, while others have hung framed pictures showing the famous writer in their very establishment.

So it’s refreshing to see that a shop in the West Bow has taken a rather different approach . . .

They’re having a laugh

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WITH all the outcry over what we eat, it’s a good idea for menus to be clear about their ingredients – although comedy club The Stand might find itself getting a few raised eyebrows after its new menu included “slow cooked lean Scottish water buffalo”.

Future queen rrrrready

IT could set minds racing for a new version of the classic Royal Rumble It’s a Knockout – the Duchess of Cambridge has come face to face with a genuine Gladiator.

Kate chatted to former city student and Olympian Shirley Addison after meeting her in the crowd during a walkabout outside the Emirates Arena – unaware that Shirley, 31, starred as Battleaxe on the Sky One show Gladiators, described her as: “A weapon of war, domineering, aggressive and indomitable – a warrior queen.”

Author’s Rankin high on quiz shows

Ian Rankin appears to be flavour of the month with TV quiz shows.

The writer is still recovering from only getting eight out of ten questions on Mastermind when a contestant chose his novels as their specialist subject – and now his work has been testing the general knowledge of contestants on daytime show The Chase.