Talk of the Town: It would be a crime to hold roofer back

IT seems one enterprising city roofer has found a novel solution to creating the space he needs for his job – cover it in crime tape.

But after a few inquiries it emerged the tape was not keeping prying eyes away from a crime scene – but keeping them away from a roofing contractor while he carried out renovations to a townhouse.

“We’re not sure, but we don’t think that’s allowed”, said one police source.

Sir Sean’s fans get set to shelebrate in shtyle

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ONE of Edinburgh’s most famous sons, the ever youthful Sean Connery, celebrates his 81st birthday tomorrow – shurely there must be shum mishtake?

As the saying goes, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, and throughout the day fans will be putting on their best Connery accents as an homage to the star.

It’s all part of Sean Connery Day, which made its debut last year and has been gathering momentum ever since.

The event even has its own website – The Capital’s watering holes are no doubt stocking up on martini and bracing themselves for endless requests that it be “shaken, not shtirred”.

Lib Dem brags of victory

LIBERAL Democrats might not be winning much these days, but city housing convener and Lib Dem councillor Paul Edie can boast of one victory – and does.

On his website he reveals he was part of a council team in a Highland Games. “I have never shown any aptitude for the sports involved, particularly caber tossing. Last year I was the worst at it. Nobody could have been more shocked than I was to actually win the event (OK, tied for first place).”

Previous successes?

“The three-legged race in the Fox Covert School sports day when I was in primary seven.”

Kindness of a stranger

IT was an act of malice which has seemingly been overcome by an act of kindness.

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A disabled man whose mobility scooter charger was stolen on two occasions has now been helped out by a big-hearted reader.

Walter Dods, who had been stranded at his home near Easter Road, received an anonymous letter containing enough cash to buy a new charger.

The 55-year-old, who has athritis, told Talk of the Town: “No name, just a nice card and £30. It restores your faith in humanity.”