Talk of the town: Going GaGa for East Lothian property

PURVEYORS of raw meat dresses and telephone-shaped hair pieces in East Lothian are celebrating today following reports that none other than Lady GaGa is interested in a property in the area.

US real estate blogger The Real Estalker claims the pop star is poised to snap up Yester House for 8 million. So when can we expect the click clack of GaGa's trademark skyscraper heels on the streets of Gifford? Don't hold your breath. It doesn't sound like The Real Estalker is too confident of the scoop, concluding: "Real estate rumours are exactly that, puppies, rumours. Maybe Miss Gaga is buying Yester House and maybe she is not. Okay? At this point we have no confirmation."

Sculpture carves out his own place on the web

THE imposing bronze statues along the Water of Leith might not move much, but that doesn't mean they don't have an interesting existence.

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Since being put in place by sculptor Anthony Gormley earlier this year, the six figures have been attracting praise, criticism and even the odd bathtub.

Now the lone statue at Ocean Terminal has taken to the social networking site Twitter in a bid to make some friends.

Called gormley statue 1, the clearly forlorn figure said: "I stand out alone on the pier at Ocean Terminal, its a lonely life separated from my from my 5 bros!", and his one and only tweet so far reads: "Is feeling lonely. Come join me?"

You'll spoil your dinner

MOST people would think that a bit of seasoning is all that's needed to make turkey delicious but not according to the Co-operative. It has been pampering 3000 of the free-range birds in a four-acre grassy paddock with a few added comforts, including a disco ball, a set of swings, their very own seesaws and a 100-foot polytunnel to snuggle under in bad weather. This unconventional set-up is meant to ensure that these feathered friends are as happy and comfortable as possible before being served up for Christmas dinner.

City's sweet secret

TALKING of turkeys, there's no avoiding the approach of Christmas and the inevitable appearance of chocolate selection boxes in homes across the country.

Of course, what everyone wants to know is whether our loved ones are hiding the best bits of their selection boxes from us.

Thanks then, to the sweetener firm which has carried out research that reveals that more than a third of Edinburghers do indeed hide sweets from family and friends. Hiding places range from handbags to cars and underwear drawers.

If the latter is true, lets hope that at least a little bit ends up in our stockings.