Takeaway driver caught after staging fake robbery

A takeaway delivery driver was so frustrated at his wages that he staged a fake robbery which backfired spectacularly.

William Marr

William Marr tangled himself in a lie he couldn’t shake when he claimed he had been mugged by a burly man during an evening shift in Niddrie – and it was hardly a case for Scotland Yard to crack.

The 32-year-old gave police a detailed description of the wallet he had been “robbed” of while in full knowledge that the incident was a complete fabrication.

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Officers investigating his dramatic claims soon realised the story wasn’t adding up – when a search of CCTV footage found no signs of the attacker.

Marr, who pleaded guilty to the false reports in a letter to Edinburgh Sheriff Court, appeared in the dock yesterday.

Depute fiscal Liz Paton described how Marr’s bizarre behaviour started when he began his shift at around 5pm on February 13.

She told the court: “He made several deliveries and accrued an amount of money. At about 9.20am on a scheduled delivery in Niddrie, he went into Craigmillar police station and said that following making this delivery he was approached by a male who banged into him and asked him to hand over his wallet. He said he felt intimidated and said he had no choice but to hand over the wallet.”

Marr told officers his wallet had a distinctive badge and said it contained around £125 of takings from that evening.

But suspicions were aroused when a search of a CCTV camera in Niddrie Marischal Place found footage of Marr’s delivery vehicle but absolutely no evidence of a robbery.

A check showed that Marr’s bank card had been used at locations in West Lothian after the incident, but he had not reported the card stolen or requested a new card from his bank. 
Ms Paton said: “He was detained on March 18. In the interview he said he had done it to get back at his employer. He said he was not being compensated for deliveries made over longer distances.

“He also said at the time of the incident the vehicle needed a number of repairs and the stolen cash was used for this.”

Marr, of Magdalene Drive, told the court that he was a full-time carer for his wife, who is expecting their baby.

He previously admitted falsely claiming to police constables that he had been robbed on February 13, causing officers to devote their time and services to the investigation at public expense and temporarily depriving the public of services.

He also pleaded guilty to stealing £125 at Niddrie Marischal Place on the same date. Sheriff Frank Crowe called for background reports and deferred sentence.